Drain Unblocking

At Direct Drain Clear in Glasgow, we have our own dedicated teams who use the latest rod and jetting equipment to unblock drains. We deliver fast and professional solutions for all blockage types alongside a full selection of affordable drainage services.

Drain Clear Out

Since starting out many years ago, Direct Drain Clear has continually advanced its marketplace knowledge to meet the growing demands of our industry. Today, we have the experience, the personnel and the equipment to handle all kinds of drain clearance projects.

Drain Repairs

If you’re worried about leaking or damaged pipe work, contact Direct Drain Clear today. We provide modern drain repair services throughout Glasgow covering everything from small patching jobs to full pipe replacements. We identify the causes of damage with latest equipment and remove blockages using high-pressure jet cleaners.

High-Tech Equipment

Our name is synonymous with advanced drainage services. Direct Drain Clear carry out the survey using state of the art equipments that identify blockage and damage issues quickly. We record images of your drainage system and explain the problem in detail so that you have a full understanding of the recommended repair work.

Electro Mechanical Cleaning

If you regularly suffer problems with blocked toilet and urinals, Direct Drain Clear in Glasgow is here to help. We use the latest electro-mechanical cleaning procedures and sprung cutters to remove the scale that causes blockages within your drainage system.

EDrain Pipe Repairs & Lining

If sewage is backing up or your pipes are leaking, it could be an indication that your drainage pipes need relining. Direct Drain Clear provide full pipe relining services to prevent ongoing occurrences of corrosion, breakages, blockages and root growth.

Septic Tank Services

Our coverage of Glasgow includes work in rural areas. Direct Drain Clear use the experience of trained engineers to clean all septic tank installations. Because we’re 100% committed to our customers, we undertake all septic tank cleaning projects cleanly and responsibly.

Drain Jetting

Direct Drain Clear uses high-pressure jetting procedures to clean scale, debris and blockages from your drainage system. The versatility of water jetting ensures we remove all soft silt and solid residues including cement. We use this professional procedure on drains, sewers and stack pipes.

Commercial Drainage

Direct Drain Clear delivers fast and responsive services for commercial clients in Glasgow. Blocked or damaged drains present a health and hygiene risk that could disrupt the running of your business. We resolve drainage issues with modern equipments and working practices.